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Rationale - Why PACA


  1. Development of Consulting Capacity for Africans

  2. Production of Homegrown Solutions to Africa's Business Problems

  3. Lobby for Opportunities to Compete for Consulting Assignments in Africa

  4. Build Country Based Network of Sustainable Consulting Associations Across Africa 

  5. Provide Competency Based Consulting Education, Training & Certification

  6. Creating greater Awareness of the role and Importance of a Professional Consultants 

  7. Development of Global Standards for Consulting Service Delivery in Africa

  1. Limited Access to Opportunities Consulting Education & Training in Africa

  2. Limited Opportunity for Continuous Professional Development

  3. Africans are Excluded from Over 50% of Consulting Assignments in Africa

  4. Consulting Professional Bodies only Exist in 4 African Countries

  5. Lack of Competency Based Certification Trainings or Programmes

  6. Poor Awareness of the Role and Importance of Consultants in Economic Development

  7. Inconsistent Standard and Unregulated Practices where Consulting Exists

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